Holistic Crafter

I am a hybrid product designer/developer with vast experience collaborating with product managers to define product roadmaps, prioritize sprint backlogs, and create KPI mappings.

For most of my career, I have designed enterprise-level product ecosystems for large corporations as a solo designer, and managed design and engineering teams to bridge the handoff gap.

My passion is tinkering with design and code. I enjoy pair programming with developers during design integrations. Creating AI agents to optimize my workflow has become a hobby of mine.

Activity-Based Design

My aproach to Interaction Design is heavily influenced by Activity-Based Design and State Machine theory.

When it comes to user research, I prioritize a pragmatic process similar to Erika Hall's Just Enough Research.

I create disposable or functional prototypes to support usability testing and experiment-driven design efforts.

AI Automation & Optimization

I leverage AI tools and techniques to automate and optimize user flows, redefine JTBD based on existing customer processes, and create conversational UIs on top of RAG systems to facilitate interactions with large knowledge bases.

Mentoring users and colleagues on prompt engineering techniques is another way to improve the overall UX.

Strategic • Tactical Agile Execution

Working on high-level design strategy and incremental tactical design efforts is feasible within an Agile process by separating them into two concurrent cycles with different a cadence.

I can work with PMs to define OKRs and prioritize/inform product roadmaps while working closely with devs every sprint.


Gilberto is one of the best UI/UX professionals I have encountered, and I do not say that lightly. He built our digital design practice from nothing and in the process helped to win both internal and user trust. Our product managers enjoy working with him across all types of projects -- from sales software to operational interfaces.

There is not a part of our platform that has not benefited from his work. I recommend working with him and looking forward to doing so again.

Jake Wachman   •  Vice-President, Digital  •   SunPower Inc.

Gilberto is the best product designer I’ve worked with throughout my many years developing software. His experience spans beyond just UI/UX and additionally goes into frontend development, allowing him to effectively communicate with and work alongside deeply technical engineers.

When it comes to product design concepts, he has an incredibly deep understanding of how to structure various distinct modes of user interactions and semantically different activities.

Larry Diehl   •  CEO and Founder  •  Colimit

Highlighted Work

Data Normalization & Monitoring Dashboard

Dept of Veteran Affairs / Bitscopic

The HAISS monitoring dashboard allowed Veteran Affairs IT technicians to monitor the status of big data processes nation-wide.

The goal was to simplify the process of tracking each stage of the data normalization process. Leveraging on a functional prototype was instrumental in identifying which information was more useful during data processing in real time.

Bio-Survellaince Dashboard

Dept of Veteran Affairs / Bitscopic

A state of the art biosurveillance toolset designed for the early detection, monitoring, and forecasting of infectious disease outbreaks.

The VA needed a product that could aggregate and improve the reporting capabilities that were scattered across multiple legacy systems. A carefully crafted interaction flow was conceived to disclose progressively various graphs and advanced filters needed to create reports to be delivered to the White House.

SOL - SunPower Solar Chatbot


Sol is an effort to provide real-time answers to homeowners interested in learning about solar technologies and products in an automated and scalable way.

With the use of IBM's Watson technology and an unintrusive UI interaction, Sol chatbots can educate users 24/7 via friendly and relevant conversations on any web properties.

Software Verification App


Colimit is a model-based testing tool that allows Quality Assurance teams to model large test suites with a few lines of code.

The engagement included the creation of all the branding and collaterals for the startup. The app was created using IHP (a Haskell framework) which was technically challenging but the efforts paid off greatly because its strongly typed nature ensured the app always worked on the first try.

Commercial Energy Consumption Kiosk


The Commercial Kiosk is an enterprise-level dashboard that provides intelligent insights based on energy consumption data.

Raw data is boring. The goal with this project was to integrate real-time monitoring data across roftop, carport and ground installations to then display it in a lobby-style dashboard using meaningful infographics.

Inbox Mgt Conversational UI


Nudgespot is a messaging app for businesses that enables them to communicate with customers and visitors from within their web properties and mobile apps.

The Inbox web app is a critical component in the Nudgespot product ecosystem. It allows teams to collaborate while keeping conversations with customers personal. Frequent design reviews and iterative sketching/prototyping was required for this project.

Cloud DevOps Analytics Dashboard


StackStorm envisioned a cloud automation auditing dashboard to allow DevOps to monitor and access reports and stats about the state of their automated systems.

Part of the efforts in this project implied identifying and prioritizing an inventory of existing notifications and reporting delivered via command-line and translating this into an information-radiation dashboard; adding more visualizations that were difficult to express in the console.

DevOps Automation Builder


Workflow automation tool that allows DevOps to define workflows in a visual and intuitive approach.

The main challenge of this project was to find a way to reduce the learning curve required to define automated workflows while providing the means for expert users to be effective. The solution was to create a hybrid viewport that enabled operations to be determined through drag-and-drop interactions as well as by code configuration.

Commercial Ordering System


A product sub-ecosystem that provides a unified, Amazon-like shopping experience for commercial and residential dealers.

The new ordering system is one of the most impactful design improvements done to the commercial dealer experience. The whole workflow was divided into four core activities leveraging the best design patterns and practices. This project was received with a standing ovation during a recent solar dealer conference.

Parent Enrollment Onboarding


The Parent Onboarding wizard streamlines the often complex and time-consuming process for homeschooling parents as they navigate the requirements for the new school year.

Through a user-friendly interface, this feature breaks down the registration process into clear and manageable steps, providing parents with a systematic guide to follow. Each step is accompanied by detailed instructions and explanations, ensuring that parents understand what documents or information they need to provide and how to submit them effectively.

Homeroom Teacher Management App


The homeroom teacher management app serves as a centralized hub for educators to monitor and manage the progress of each learner within their respective classrooms.

This feature offers real-time data on attendance, grades, and completion of assignments, enabling instructors to promptly identify students who may require additional support or intervention.

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